There have been major advances in technologies to support crisis response in the last few years. However, many aspects related to the efficient collection and integration of geo-information, applied semantics and situation awareness.

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GeoResponder is a geographical fencing utility that helps in user automation. This utility app helps you when you are at a Geo fenced location, by :
  1. - Turning you phone automatically to silent or vibrate mode
  2. - Responding to calls and Text (SMS) messages from your contact with a custom message
  3. - Providing you with the ability to pick urgent calls, when they call twice within a user determined time
  4. - Schedule based activation of the app to determine trigger activation, this saves battery.
  5. - Do not disturb functionality

Geo Responder is a user friendly app facilitating auto silent-mode & auto-reply feature based on geozone / location. When users of app enter predefined locations configured as geo responder locations / geozones then the app automatically presets the mobile to silent mode without any manual intervention. In cases where there are wifi / bluetooth connections, they can also be configured as geo responder locations and when the user reaches such connectors mobile would automatically get turned into silent mode. When the geo responder app is in active state / mode, auto sms reply would be sent with pre configured message template to any call / sms. Provision is made such that emergency calls can be made / replied back.

Can get more focus on their classes / training sessions Easy to intimate parents about their status with pre defined templates Auto reply enable them to get their friends in touch at odd scenarios Important calls can be easily recognized and attended