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Posted by:Coders Unlimited on27 Jan 2015

An adult today finds seven to 12 jobs in their lifetime, but even though a career is never at the front of anyone's mind as a kid, when it comes to it, a lot career advice can often be more confusing than helpful.

Having a career plan is motivating. Deviating from it has benefits, too. "Be flexible and open", advises Ravi Jayaraman, CEO of Mind Spark Technologies. "If you have a chance of getting a job which is not ideal, consider going for it; whatever you learn will be applicable to other jobs in the future."

Work experience increases your knowledge of professional environments. Unsurprisingly, there are are many out there to gain experience from. Pick up transferable skills by trying your hand at several. Don't just restrict yourself to one.

Coders Unlimited aims to provide work experience apart from training which makes the students to meet the market needs. Those who wish to gain great careers in their professional life should start planning their desired interested fields through Coders Unlimited’s customized training programs.

HR personnel convey that "specific work experience is not important, so long as the experience reflects that a candidate has the skills we look for".

So, don't just make tea for your ideal employer to get your foot on the career ladder. Students at Coders Unlimited get benefited in a unique fashion

•   Get trained by an IT company & not a Training institute
•   Rigorous Employability Test & Skill Assessments are carried out
•   Training sessions carried out based on Practical exposure
•   Real world project assignments
•   Direct handling of Project management tools
•   Usage of cutting edge technologies
•   Training provided by highly trained software developers / experts
•   Coordination with Industry experts
•   Communication & Soft Skills Training Integrated with Course
•   Resume Building & Real Job Interviews
•   Placements & Job Opportunities
•   Scalable Internship program with Stipend

We are specialists in application development, we work hard, to build the most innovative applications for our customers and we have fun doing it!

Let us help you to choose the best career.!

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