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How is innovative training a key benefit for students

Posted by:Coders Unlimited on20 Jan 2015

For coaching and mentoring, the innovation comes from how you make the program applicable to today's world in your organization. Training budgets, locations, and staffs have been cut in the new economy, so how can you innovate a coaching and mentoring program? The structure, delivery, and training for coaches are three areas to focus on when considering the innovation of a coaching and mentoring program.

Coders Unlimited understands that it's important to remember that information is everywhere ‐ and that even globally diverse audiences can be connected in ways that enrich the training experience. To innovate the classroom, training professionals must change the way participants collaborate, connect geographic locations where learners are, and create content that speaks to a global audience.

Innovative training is not always about the concept itself. Our innovation comes with delivery and execution of what may be traditional training methods. But we are living in a new environment, where technology is part of our everyday lives ‐ and is a cost effective method of communication. How can the training organization use this "new media"? It's very simple. Use the new media to market training, conduct training, and to get buy‐in from stakeholders.

Coder Unlimited's next innovation is the creation of training that is broken down into easy to understand, smaller "chunks" which are then delivered in methods that fit today's audience. Consider the fact that we are living in an informational age where we feel lost without Blackberries, cell phones, and constant access to email. What if your training can be delivered in these mediums? You`ll be sure to hit your audience where you know they`re watching, even if they are not in a traditional or online classroom.

Blended learning is an effective training method, so use every piece of technology, media, and traditional programs in the most innovative ways

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