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IT Education in India and chances of missing the bus

Posted by:Coders Unlimited on26 Jan 2015

Coders Unlimited had the opportunity to interact with college students as well as industries that hires technically sound people. We observed that there is huge huge demand across the globe and also spotted there is great hope that was India may just end up missing this bus. There are four major questions which arises in our minds in this room of technology, and all four have to dance in synchronisation, which is simply not happening in India anymore.

These are the 4 major questions which aren’t connected -

- Syllabus is stuck at what level?

- Academics are at what level?

- Students will be at what level?

- Industry needs what level?

As of now, the first three are heavily “project based”, means, somehow or the other, submit a “project”, and get your degree. Industry is stuck at hire, train and then attrition. Campus placement is the big ticket. Sure, a job will be available if one is willing to pay for it in some form or the other, but what about a career?

In India? Recently, sitting in on interviews, we realised that there is a serious lapse among students in having technical knowhow of basic skills which are expected by industry. In 6 months from now these final year engineering students are going to be released into the world of looking for jobs. Only about 2% of them has ever worked at a summer job before this. The transition from “student” to “employee” is going to be majorly traumatic for those who do not find a suitable job.

What are we doing about this?

Coders Unlimited is an US based IT company which provides international professional training program wherein students turn into experienced software developers unlike freshers. Training is more practical with more real time projects enabling students undergo complete software development life cycle in short duration.

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