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CU automates the learning process for corporates and student sectors

Whether you are training 5 or 5,000, CU`s LMS will get your team organized and learning immediately. A true end-to-end solution, CU`s LMS allows administrators to enjoy:

  • A 5-minute, fully integrated setup

  • The ability to assign training instantly

  • A training model that reduces the time required to train by as much as 88%

Effective training starts with providing content that users love. It is precisely the reason that the average CU`s LMS user completes 50% more training than assigned. CU`s LMS users experience:

  • 60-second training videos that follow our proprietary micro learning methodology

  • Lessons focused on the information most valuable to the user including goals, best practices, alternative approaches, challenges, and common mistakes

  • Training broken out into comprehensive learning tracks that start with the fundamentals and incrementally build up to expert-level tips and techniques

Data only becomes useful when it can be easily interpreted and lead to meaningful results. CU`s LMS provides 6x the data of a traditional Learning Management System, which lives in a fully customizable reporting dashboard that includes:

  • Detailed assessment data to show your team`s historical progress

  • A real-time consumption feed that allows you to monitor your team as they learn

  • Placement tests that ensure users begin training at a knowledge-appropriate level


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