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Student Project Program - 2015

Posted by:Coders Unlimited on25 Jan 2015

Coders Unlimited believes that an active interaction between industry and colleges, improves the quality of skills in graduating students, when they graduate, and hence improves the overall talent pool of available graduates. We are interested in hiring the best minds and would like to engage with them to upgrade their real world exposure. We may eventually offer student interns a full internship after they graduate. This is an opportunity for students to show their skills, commitment and creativity to eventually be hired or acquire the skills industry needs. This program is part of the Coders Unlimited’s student skill development program.

We believe for any successful project a student needs a combination of Technical, Aptitude and Communicative skills. Our program provides the means for students to upgrade their academic skills to achieve their project goals with guidance and inputs from our industry experienced project team.

Our Project Phases

A. Requirement & Design Phase

B. Development Phase

C. Testing Phase

D. Presentation/Submission Phase

Project Phase Details:

A. Requirements Gathering & Technical Project Design Phase – 1 months

1. Provide or Pick a suitable Project Title / Scope

2. Upgrade Technical Skills – Technology Training, industry tools training.

3. Project Requirements Gathering – Gathering Project Requirements , sign off, Documentation; Using iterative process

4. Functional / Technical Documentation – Based on requirements, prepare functional scope and technical documentation

B. Development Phase – 1 to 2 Months

1. Development - Based on technical design document, prepare and write code

2. Project Reviews – You will receive feedback and inputs on your project

C. Testing Phase – 1 Week

1. Test your project

2. Fix high priority bugs/issues

D. Project Demo and documentation - 1 Week

1. You prepare for the project presentation and demo.

Benefits of doing an Industry based Student Project

Acquire industry oriented skills

Build a project based on real industry needs

Be able to explain your project experience during campus / job interviews

Stand out from the crowd by doing a cutting edge project

Get a job offer from Mind Spark Technologies based on your interaction with us during the project * (based on performance only)

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