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UX (User Experience)

There's a reason why Facebook, Amazon, Google and other world-beating companies invest massively in their UX teams. Because they know its the smartest and fastest way to build great online products.

If you want to pursue advanced study but can't commit to a graduate degree program, a certificate offers an ideal solution. The UX certificate serves a wide range of working professionals, including user experience designers and researchers, usability specialists, product managers, marketing specialists, developers, engineers, business analysts, and senior management.

An expert faculty and innovative curriculum are at the core of the UX certificate program. The certificate program aligns with the leading human factors in information design and our internationally recognized UXC, to ensure a focus on the most current research, methods and market requirements.

Our practical sessions helps you to make good design decisions quickly and confidently to create designs that are intuitive, simple, and delightful.

Why user experience matters?

  • Using an efficient, user-centered design process
  • UI design principles and guidelines
  • Making a design intuitive, simple, and delightful
  • Visual design, layout, and designing for scanning
  • Designing tasks, task flows, and pages
  • Mobile design and how it differs from desktop design
  • Design communication techniques: sketching and prototyping
  • Evaluating designs, giving and receiving effective feedback
  • Performing informal usability studies
  • Affecting change within your team’s culture


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