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Why is learning content a vital source for training industry

Posted by:Coders Unlimited on20 Jan 2015

With the enormous advances in bandwidth, computer literacy, the use of social media, mobile devices and much more, what counts as learning content is so much more varied:

• Content's learning strategy - Simple exposition / Instruction / Guided discovery / Exploration?
• Learning skills imparted in the content and Is it actually just-in-time reference material?
• Is the content interactive or passive (as with podcasts, videos, manuals)?
• Does the content stand alone or is it designed to accompany other activities or resources?
• Is this formal content with high production values, or is it just 'good enough' and rapidly-produced?
• Is this content produced by experts and professionals on a top-down basis to meet specific learning objectives, or is it user-generated. designed by employees themselves to meet the ever-changing needs of their peers?
• Is the content designed for use on a desktop computer or laptop, or for a phone or tablet?

Based firmly on the belief that the way people consume learning content is ever changing, just like learners, Coders Unlimited has been an innovator in the marketplace from its inception. Coders Unlimited invests heavily in product development and is consistently first to market with technologies that have a direct and immediate positive impact on our clients’ business goals.

LMS is Coders Unlimited’s revolutionary cloud-based content delivery solution. So what does this mean? Content is authored or created in Coders Unlimited LCMS. Once final content is ready (after edits, versioning, etc.), it is stored in the LMS cloud. From the LMS cloud, the content can be delivered to any device via specialized and custom apps that have been downloaded to the devices. This is especially important when creating personalized learning experiences for each individual’s needs.

Specifically, Coders Unlimited LCMS supports students in two areas of their learning:

— The ability to better manage their content and content versions
— The ability to customize versions of their content for different audiences.

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