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WordPress is the most popular way for people to build a blog or a website.

Since WordPress was founded in 2003, it has grown every year and is now seen and used by tens of millions of people every day.

WordPress is easy to use and easy to modify. Thats why millions of people every day use it to create their own site. Famous users of WordPress include the BBC, the New York Times and Ford.

Our Teaching Method is Better
We dont ask you to simply "follow along," copying what the instructor does. Instead we ask you to focus 100% attention on the lesson at hand. Only after the lesson do you then put into practice what you have learned by working on a computer with our step-by-step workbooks. This "learn, then practice" method results in the student learning and retaining much more than traditional "follow along" classes.

Customized Corporate Training
We provide customized, on-site WordPress training solutions structured for staff members who are responsible for establishing or maintaining their firm’s online presence. All WordPress instruction can be delivered onsite, or remotely to your corporate training center via live video conferencing.

One-On-One WordPress Training
The Hands-On WP training professionals offer individual tutorial sessions, specifically designed and developed to meet the client’s needs. These individually customized WordPress tutorials are delivered on the date and time chosen by the client.

Training Options to Meet Your Needs
Hands-On WordPress Training offers several levels of customized, classroom-based, WordPress training solutions. Classes are scheduled several times during the year at our facilities.

Learn WordPress the Way You Use WordPress
The Hands-On WP Instructors analyzed how people use WordPress in real life – the steps they take to create a site, and how they expand it to meet their specific needs. We translated that process into step-by-step Purpose-Driven WordPress Training.

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